Here’s the programme of events for Supermad 2015:

Sprint 200tt (12 through to sprint, 18 through to keirin)


Sprint Round 1 (6 x 2up heats)


Sprint Round 1 Reperchage (2 x 3up)
Madison 15 lap scratch
Sprint Round 2 (4 x 2up)
Women 10 lap scratch
Support 10 lap scratch
Sprint semi final
Women 12 lap points
Support Devil
Sprint Minor final (4th to 8th)
Sprint 3rd/4th Final
Sprint Final
Madison 16 lap Winout (sprints on laps 8, 12, 16)

Break – Podium Presentations

Ron Becket Double Harness Pursuit
Keirin Heats (6up, 2 to final)
Women’s Keirin heats (6up, 2 to final)
Support 12 lap points
Women’s Keirin final
Keirin Final
Madison 50 lap points

Unfortunately no B sprint this year but all sprinters may ride support events.

Ron Beckett Double Harness Pursuit – mixed male/female madison pursuit. First 8 teams to sign on the day.

Women’s keirin open to first 18 riders to sign on, heats will be drawn at random.