Finalised race schedule coming very soon

The final version of the Brixton Super Mad race schedule will be posted soon, the organiser promises.

But here’s a taste of what the youth will be getting:

Under 12’s will have a 6 lap scratch and 3 lap Kierin (human powered of course there’s always a  senior who  needs a gentle warm up or not if Haydon’s in there – remember his 15.47- flying 200?)

Youth have a great starter for 8 – a points race – why scratch when you can do maths?

Followed by a roughly 12 lap elimination course de prime – secret ones though.

And  super duper an invite 8 lap Madison and for those who are not invited to the Mad party – don’t fret you a get a 2 lap dash. Sorted.

For the rest of you B seniors women and vets we have a scratch  Devil, a 4 lap dash  a 2 up team sprint and a Double Harness Pursuit.

You can mix it in with the A’s if you fancy yer chances at the Ron Beckett Double Harness Madison Pursuit – or indeed the ultimate Rob’s Trophy 42 lap Madison.

Both carry serious  cash prizes. No sign of Lagarde here. IMF? More like INF.

Senior A’s you also get  a Kierin and a scratch devil. Holler if you want more…


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